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Worldwide rental of hp fog systems

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For events, exhibitions, concerts, open air and festivals

High pressure fog machines are always a crowd puller and can be used for cooling during the hot summer days, for producing show effects or as a creative Art work. You can even rent a Fog System as the main attraction of your event. We offer numerous opportunities for organizers, operators and event managers, to rent Fog Systems only for specific or temporary use.

As a Test facility for agriculture or industries applications

In other areas like industry, agriculture or fire fighting, renting a high pressure Fog System serves to perform studies and tests. Our Fog Systems are multi-functional, specially developed to meet your particular needs. You can also receive assistance in finding a suitable Fog System for your purpose. By Renting a Fog System, we care as well about installation/assembling, maintenance and disassembling. Ask about our Fog System facilities and conditions.

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