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Large scale Fog Systems and Misting Systems

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Experience and know-how

Our experience brings you to the target in the planning and implementation of large projects with fog or mist system installations ! Mist systems and fog systems for:

  • Exhibitions, concerts, events, art and architecture
  • Industry (odor emissions and dust emissions)
  • Toxic gases and fire prevention, fire fighting
  • Water fog over large areas and in large volume

We can take as an example the largest ever built, fog cloud (The Blur, Expo'02, Switzerland list): a cloud with 34,000 spray nozzles on the lake of Neuchatel. The Fog System sprayed with 88 high pressure pumps and recycled 2-4 m3 seawater per minute. Our company had to develop new techniques accordingly for large Fog Systems:

  • Simulation and test in a smaller format
  • Risk management for Fog systems
  • Operational management and maintenance management on a permanent running plant
  • Informatics modeling of the operating parameters
  • Monitoring and control technology, remote monitoring of the cloud
  • Automatic control of visual parameters (aesthetics of the cloud) with adaptive software
  • Construction management for the complete assembly and test phases
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory provisions that have been specially adopted for this project
  • Preparation of turbid sea water to ultrapure water (guarantee of hygiene and health)


  • Simulations
  • Management
  • Standards