THEFOGSYSTEM - Industrial fog and misting systems

Fogging systems and Misting Systems for industry

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Fog and Mist systems, which integrate in industrial processes

Industrial applications must correspond to clear targets and adapt to the production processes, processes under the consideration of financial and legal requirements.

Therefore solutions are developed in cooperation with the customer, which fit into different and complex production processes. Fogging systems are often financially or technically the only treatment option, if alternatives can be drawn only with considerable expenditure into account.

In addition with the Fog system, production costs can be reduced, but also processes can improved: this is the case with the cooling of gas turbines (up to 10-30% more electricity), with waste incineration plants, with humidification and cooling of buildings or with heat exchangers. The process technologies developed by our company for the treatment of dust and odor emissions are based on a broad range of experience and guarantee solutions including your production process.

  • Humidification
  • Industrial plant and process cooling
  • Odor treatment, odor emissions
  • Dust handling, dust emissions
  • Antistatic measures
  • Fire protection, fire fighting
  • Spraying of products and chemicals
  • Cooling of buildings (HVAC)
  • Cooling of gas turbines