THEFOGSYSTEM - High pressure fog systems for Expos and Events

Fog system and Misting systems for large events

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  • Events Fog System2
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A spectacle for all ages and for everyone

A highlight for shows, entertainment, amusement industry with large scale high pressure fog and misting systems

You are looking for something special for your Event, Expo, Amusement park or Sports event?

It has to entertain all ages and interest groups at the same time? You also want an advertising-and media-attraction? You will be amazed. A Fog System as an attraction holds all its promises.

With light and sound it is yet in the evening a spectacle for the senses. Children especially feel attracted by the magic of water fog, but also adults seeking refreshment and cooling on hot days.

If you are looking for original ideas, we will help you with our experience for the planning, the design, up to the turnkey execution. And if your budget does not allow too great extras, then you can ask for a non-committal information about a rental equipment.The success is guaranteed to be on your side!

  • Expo icon, a fog as the main attraction
  • Refreshment spots, outdoor cooling
  • Fog cloud with sound and light, special effects, SFX
  • Fog Garden
  • Fun for Kids
  • Laser show, video projection
  • Fog system for rent