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  • Fog System As Art Work

    The Fog System As Art Work

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    Biogenesis The Fog System

A challenge for new applications

The Fog system as an object of art and architectural design.

Well-known artists, architects and landscape architects are using this medium for their works. A three-dimensional experience for all senses.

We help you to implement your ideas and projects with our experience. We support you technically in the planning, testing, and realization phase and financially in the development of project proposals, according to your budget.

  • Design for parks, public squares, buildings, lobbies, atriums, promenades
  • Landscaping
  • Fog garden
  • Cloud, Blur
  • Fog fountain
  • Fog sculptures
  • Sound and light
  • Fog screen for three-dimensional video projections
  • Laser Sound Performance and laser show
  • Theater, set design